Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Spring / Summer Workshops @WYPW

Cath Green working on her final block
Cath Green and Steve Shillitoe working on their wood blocks
Anne Desmet showing students how to ink the block
On 19th and 20th June 2010, Anne Desmet RE RWA SWE came to WYPW to deliver wood engraving workshop. Specialising in wood engraving, she is also editor of Printmaking Today, and her work features in museum collections worldwide.

She offered a wealth of expertise on the subject, providing some amazing examples of her own work, and lots of lovely practice block for everyone to work on. The first day was spent making some test blocks with various tools to experiment with mark-making and test out the different marks each tool was capable of. The 2nd day was then spent with students engraving their own designs onto blocks, and all were printed using hand-burnishing, so no need for a press at all!