Thursday, 3 May 2012

First go on our new 4-colour carousel!

Last week we finally got the chance to have a play with our new bit of equipment - our new 4-colour t-shirt printing carousel - given to us by our nice friends at

The carousel makes it much easier to print colour separations onto t-shirts, bags, aprons, etc. and register each colour accurately. We thought it would be appropriate to use the wypw logo and print some staff t-shirts...unfortunately it turned out that we only had extra there'll be some more printing sessions to come I think!

Here are some photos to show each step of the process. The carousel is available for members to use at the standard hourly rate, you will just need a quick induction first.

Making sure the transparency is aligned correctly when exposing onto the screen
Masking the screen off for printing

Clamping each screen in place and registering with original image taped in place underneath

Inks mixed and ready to print
Printing the first colour...
Flash drying between printings...
and the next...
The finished product!