Wednesday, 22 August 2012

It's been a busy few months here at WYPW, hence not finding the time to blog for a while! We've run some great courses and workshops, and had some fantastic comments from students who've taken part. Here are a few of them:

"The day gave me the confidence and inspiration to resume etching again after many years."

"The workshop leaders were knowledgeable, approachable and had a great sense of humour. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend."

"I really enjoyed the course, and will be applying to become a member later this year, so I can use the facilities."

"fabulous course - the best I have ever attended!"

We have just put some new courses and new dates for existing courses up on our website, so go take a peak!

Here are a few pics:

Marking out the image before stopping out the plate on the Etching for Improvers course

Stopping out the plate

Etching the plate with copper sulphate solution
The etched, aquatinted plate
Finished print, made using some spattering and wash stopping out techniques
Another finshed print
and another...
Spit-biting an aquatinted plate with strong copper sulphate solution
And the resulting print.

Designs for printing onto textiles for Laura Slater's 'Make a Mark' workshop
Screen printing on the Introduction to Printmaking course

Design transferred onto lino block, ready to cut.

Group hard at work cutting blocks.

Blocks inked and ready to print!

Using the Imperial Press to print the blocks...
Finished prints!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

First go on our new 4-colour carousel!

Last week we finally got the chance to have a play with our new bit of equipment - our new 4-colour t-shirt printing carousel - given to us by our nice friends at

The carousel makes it much easier to print colour separations onto t-shirts, bags, aprons, etc. and register each colour accurately. We thought it would be appropriate to use the wypw logo and print some staff t-shirts...unfortunately it turned out that we only had extra there'll be some more printing sessions to come I think!

Here are some photos to show each step of the process. The carousel is available for members to use at the standard hourly rate, you will just need a quick induction first.

Making sure the transparency is aligned correctly when exposing onto the screen
Masking the screen off for printing

Clamping each screen in place and registering with original image taped in place underneath

Inks mixed and ready to print
Printing the first colour...
Flash drying between printings...
and the next...
The finished product!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Norman Ackroyd RA exhibition and demonstration

A couple of weeks ago we were very priviledged to welcome Norman Ackroyd RA to WYPW for the preview of his exhibition and a fantastic demonstration of his working process. The demonstration took place in the gallery space, so it was really great to watch him work surrounded by his inspiring etchings, and amazing to see how the images on the walls were created from start to finish.

It was also lovely to hear Norman talk about his work, both technically and artistically, and realise that both are so closely linked - his inspiration is taken from awe-inspiring coastal landscapes, and the way he uses the spit-bite technique to etch his plates seems somehow to imitate the dramatic landscape which it describes. As Norman also has family connections with this area of West Yorkshire, it was great to hear him talk about memories of when he was younger.

Norman has also very kindly sent us a proof print of one of the plates he made during the workshop, which we will be framing and putting up in the current exhibition. We will be keeping our copy to put up in pride of place in the print room once the exhibition is finished, but the print is in an edition of 25 and available for sale unframed for £300 from the WYPW gallery. The exhibition continues until 19th May.

So a very big thank you to Norman for a thoroughly inspiring weekend!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

First Steps in Etching course...

Here are a few images from the recently-completed 'First Steps in Etching' evening class. Everyone on the course made some excellent prints, and the possibilities of each technique are really well illustrated here. Thanks everyone for making it so enjoyable!

Etching on zinc using hard and soft ground by Darren Reynolds

Open bite etching on aluminium with colour rollover by Alison Ashbee

Soft ground etching on zinc by Liz Walker

Our fantastic course volunteer Charlie

Open-bite etching on alumium with burnishing by Paul Walsh

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Recent goings-on at WYPW

Well it's been a very busy few months here at WYPW, hence not keeping up-to-date with the blog posts for a while. We have had lots of courses and children's workshops running, some excellent exhibitions, and acquired a few pieces of exciting new equipment!

Here are a few images to illustrate what we've been up to!

Hard at work printing on the Screen Printed Gig Posters course with Graham Pilling and Cameron popular we are running it again in July...more details here

...and the one of the finished posters

Demonstration of drypoint printing at the first Creative Cafe in February...more of that to come soon! (You may notice we all look a little chilly...hence the next couple of photos!)

Old boiler out...

...New boiler in!

The lovely David from Harry Rochat installing our new (well, lovingly re-conditioned) Imperial Press.

The new press in situ - looks at home already. Any name suggestions?!

WYPW at the 2012 Leeds Artist Book Fair

And our new craft cabinet in the Gallery
Lots more in store in the coming months, including craft fairs, exhibitions, and a new programme of courses which you can see on the courses of this blog, or on our website! More posts soon!